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Anyone who’s had the chance to experience one of RenaultSport’s offerings will understand just how great they are, even in standard trim, so when you add in a few select modifications, you can end up with a killer combination.


Due to the already great nature of the Megane’s chassis, Jake felt it safe to go for more power, before taking braking and handling into consideration. A KTEC panel filter feeds a Forge Motorsport front mounted intercooler, which ensures inlet temps are kept nice and cool, and the Forge Motorsport dump valve and blanking plate are fitted to reduce any chance of turbo stall, not to mention, to add that ‘tshh’ sound that we all love (no matter how deep down we hide it), these, teamed with an RS Tuning stage 2 map go on to produce a rather healthy 270.4bhp, and 335lb/ft, in turn, this means that pace comes at an alarming rate, which means this French hot hatch can hold it’s own against the sort of machinery it really shouldn’t.



After a venture or two onto the track, and thinking the wheel to arch gap needed reducing, a set of Eibach 30mm lowering springs were decided to be needed, although, the verdict’s out on whether it actually is 30mm lower, since, with the car starting as a Cup, it was 12mm lower than the Lux models already.



A KTEC carbon bonnet was added, which is relatively subtle against the black paintwork, but when the light catches it, you know it’s not the norm. And when matched to a few subtle black touches, it gives the car a really mean appearance, especially when viewed from the front, where it almost seems to growl.



Numerous runs on the 1/4 mile strip have seen some impressive times laid down, a personal best of 14.0072s @ 101.86mph is so close to breaking into the 13 seconds that Jake’s adamant he WILL do.



Overall, this is an impressive all round package, it’s got wicked pace, it sounds like Darth Vader with a cold, and it looks about as angry. Very much a force to be reckoned with.

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