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So, once again, this has been somewhat forgotten about, so what better way to make another post than with what must have been one of the most chilled out events i’ve been to this year. Impact is a Honda show setup by Adam from 6two1 in order to showcase some of the greatest Honda builds in the UK. Naturally, the standard of the cars presented is high, but it’s my understanding that rather than to create ‘just another’ show, Adam’s aim was to create something more akin to the US shows/meets with the massively chilled atmosphere, music, good friends, new friends and naturally good weather – of which we were more than blessed with.

So, anyway, let’s kick off with something of an idea of the quality of metal present.

Where better to start than the car that was crowned ‘Car of the event’, Hoho’s Accord, sporting a new and very agressive setup it’s fair to say this car stands out;

 photo P6221244.jpg

Benbarnes’ K20 EG is a damn fine car in my eyes, EG, Enkei RPF1s, and that K swap;

 photo P6221259.jpg

And again, with Shuthan’s super clean EK;

 photo P6221257.jpg

Shuthan’s EK wasn’t the only clean EK there, I couldn’t say what colour this is, but although it’s not a standard colour, it works well, very well;

 photo P6221232.jpg

Along side was this very ‘kanjo’ styled EF, looking very much like a car that’s ready to get up to no good;

 photo P6221229.jpg

Mark’s EG looks to be very well setup for attacking the tracks, sporting a 197bhp B16 motor, polycarb windows, a host of gauges and a full roll cage;

 photo P6221283.jpg

Dan’s DC2 has been through a few different phases recently and is currently sporting that Spoon theme that seems to work oh so well;

 photo P6221238.jpg

Another Dan, another Integra, this time a DC5, having been out on track with Dan in this not so long ago, I can vouch that despite looking very subtle, it’s a highly capable machine out on track. Proof that looks can be deceiving…;

 photo P6221212.jpg

Naturally, there was a smattering of S2000s present;

 photo P6221280.jpg

 photo P6221284.jpg

This was probably my favourite of them, however. Sporting SSR Professor rims, what looks to be a J’s Racing carbon bonnet and a wing out back, it looks like it would be very much at home on the Touges of Japan;

 photo P6221307.jpg

These two brothers’ cars snap necks everywhere they go, both are super clean, and both have nailed two very different looks;

 photo P6221269.jpg

 photo P6221270.jpg

As always, there was a selection of non-Hondas present to peruse too (you’ll get no hate from me despite it being a Honda event, variety is the spice of life, right?). There was a few S bodies lurking;

 photo P6221282.jpg

 photo P6221216.jpg

A Scirocco on Bentley wheels;

 photo P6221214.jpg

An FD RX7 or two;

 photo P6221221.jpg

And even an R33 GTR;

 photo P6221275.jpg

Big respect must go to the group from the Netherlands, it seems these guys simply can’t resist making the trip over regularly for shows, and with a high standard of cars, who can complain?

 photo P6221253.jpg

Leon’s Bayside Blue EG always gets attention, walking away from Impact with the title of ‘Best Civic’;

 photo P6221254.jpg

And finally – it is his event, after all – a closing shot of his EG, along with a thanks to Adam from 6two1 for organising one of the most chilled out events so far.

 photo P6221319.jpg

For anyone wishing to see the rest of my pictures, the album can be found here.

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