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This was an event i’d heard about, but never actually been to. I’d spent the night before watching Youtube videos from previous years, and my expectations really weren’t that high. I was to be pleasantly surprised, however….

 photo P5257041.jpg

There was a nice variety of cars there, ranging from Corsas, Clios, Civics and MX5s…

 photo P5257014.jpg
 photo P5257010.jpg
 photo P5256998.jpg
 photo P5257000.jpg

Through to Subarus, Supras, M3s and Evos…

 photo P5257030.jpg
 photo P5257022.jpg
 photo P5257020.jpg
 photo P5257016.jpg
 photo P5257017.jpg

In the arena section, there was even a Radical, not something you’d really expect to see at a show…

 photo P5257035.jpg
 photo P5257034.jpg

Next to the Radical, was something that, again, you don’t usually see at this type of show (although, admittedly, there was a classic American car show conjoined to Modded Nats), an old American rat rod:

 photo P5257037.jpg

Officer Brian O Connor was taking a day off from working at Harry’s…

 photo P5257023.jpg

And this B18C4 turbo’d EK9 was probably my standout car of the show, extremely clean, and with a nice selection of trick parts it was simply stunning…

 photo P5257045.jpg
 photo P5257042.jpg
 photo P5257046.jpg


So, yeah, not the show I was expecting, I was somewhat surprised – in a good way – and I may have to make the trip again next year.


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