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A few days ago, a brief Facebook message just asked ‘You coming on Sunday?’ I was confused, going where? What was I to miss out on? Turns out it was in relation to the rally that takes place at Sherwood Pines. A few folk were meeting up locally, and having a ride up. Why not? I thought.

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So, 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, 2 jackets, some thick trousers, and a hat, I was prepared. I jumped in with a friend for the ride up, and after the £4 parking fee was paid (nothing else needed!), we set off into the trees. Fortunately it wasn’t the trudging miles through forests I expected, and even wandering through the car park there was a fair motors that were out of the ordinary, Evos, early model Escorts, and even an RS200 replica.

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But it was when we got into the forest, that the sound of both historic and more modern rally cars could be heard. There was a notable difference in engine tone between the N/A screamers and the turbo monsters, the N/A cars using big revs, howling through the course, and the turbo cars using anti lag and their bags of torque ripping the tyres up out of the tight corners.

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Unfortunately, not a lot of pictures, partly due to me struggling with the low light meaning low shutter speeds and a high number of blurry pics, and partly due to just being in awe at the speed some of these machines were carrying on loose gravel.

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