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Not a lot of words to for this update. Every meet ends up getting bigger, if you’re in the Yorkshire area, get Team 440 liked on Facebook, and get yourself along – yes, my pictures are mostly Jap stuff, and yes, the majority of cars that turn up are Jap, but there’s still a range of others turn up too. Now, just enjoy the pretty pictures…

 photo P4069726.jpg

 photo P4069727.jpg
 photo P4069729.jpg
 photo P4069732.jpg
 photo P4069731.jpg
 photo P4069733.jpg
 photo P4069735.jpg
 photo P4069737.jpg
 photo P4069738.jpg
 photo P4069740.jpg
 photo P4069741.jpg
 photo P4069742.jpg
 photo P4069743.jpg
 photo P4069745.jpg
 photo P4069746.jpg
 photo P4069750.jpg
 photo P4069753.jpg
 photo P4069755.jpg
 photo P4069757.jpg
 photo P4069758.jpg
 photo P4069762.jpg
 photo P4069765.jpg
 photo P4069767.jpg
 photo P4069768.jpg

That’s it. Enjoy, share, attend.


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